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What’s On Tap?

Bier Tokens: $6.00 each OR 4 tokens for $20!

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HiHO Oktoberfest – 6.4% ABV
This traditional Marzen was lagered for over six weeks to produce a rich, bread, and toasty aroma followed by the slightest grape finish. The sweet flavor finishes dry with a low hop bitterness and slight caramel profile. PROST!!!

Gorges Blonde Ale – 5.5% ABV
This Blonde Ale has a soft malty sweetness with character; including honey and crystal 80 malts. Gorges Blonde is balanced with moderate citrus hop flavor and medium body. Very approachable, especially after a hike through the Gorge Metro Park.

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Von Kaiser – Marzen (Oktoberfest) 6.7% ABV
This crushable malty güte has a nice little hop punch. Please sit back and enjoy this malty German version of an IPA! PROST!!!

Death Save – 5.2% ABV
Sessionable, Single-Hop (Mosaic or Azacca, take a guess) Hazy Pale-Ale. A “Death Save” is a rad, but controversial move in the world of pinball. The move is simply when the ball has had enough of getting smacked around it decides it wants to tap out, but then you smack or nudge the fool back into play. MadCap loves our pinball community & this beer is a cheers to them!