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Bier Tokens: $6.00 each OR 4 tokens for $20!

We will be rotating the Oktoberfest style beers from each of the 5 local breweries! Just ask which brewery is currently on tap!

Missing Mountain Brewing logo

*SOLD OUT CURRENTLY* Cold Kickin’ It Live  – German Kolsch – 5.2% ABV
It started way back in history with a style originally brewed in Cologne, Germany. This pilsner-malt based beer is brewed at low temperatures, then lagered until ill to create a brilliantly clear, light and refreshing beverage fit for the three bad brothers you know so well.

Hop Tree Brewing Logo

*SOLD OUT CURRENTLY* Festmeister – 6.0% ABV
IBUs: 20
A 2-month maturation magnificently melds the nutty, toast, biscuity malts character with the spicy, floral, noble hops in our festbier.

HiHo Brewing Logo

*SOLD OUT CURRENTLY* Raspberry in the Clouds – 7.2% ABV
Brewed with 220lbs of raspberry and loads of Mosaic hops, this Hazy IPA begins with a huge raspberry upfront aroma, then finishes with a crisp, grapefruit hop bitterness. *CONTAINS LACTOSE

Mad Cap Brewing Logo

*SOLD OUT CURRENTLY* Death Save – Hazy Pale Ale – 5.2% ABV
Sessionable, Single-Hop (Mosaic or Azacca, take a guess) Hazy Pale-Ale. A “Death Save” is a rad, but controversial move in the world of pinball. The move is simply when the ball has had enough of getting smacked around, it decides it wants to tap out, but then you smack or nudge the fool back into play. MadCap loves our pinball community & this beer is a cheers to them!

McArthur's Brew House Logo

*SOLD OUT CURRENTLY* Sour Cherry – 6.0% ABV
If you love Sour Patch Kids then you will love the lingering sweet and tart flavor of the cherries in this delicious beer!